Jimmy Wasion* is a freelance computer graphics artist, professionally active in the field since 2005. His experience as a CG generalist ranges across the 3D production pipeline, including everything from layout to modeling, texturing, rigging, animation (characters and otherwise), lighting, visual effects and compositing. He also has experience designing websites, print graphics and logos.

A robust combination of creative and technical skills makes Jimmy particularly suited to the computer graphics industry. Having demonstrated from a young age an adeptness in the media of pencil drawing and LEGO construction, the seed of interest in a different medium was planted when he was inspired by the film Toy Story as a junior high student. While in high school, he discovered degrees were offered at nearby colleges that would bring a dream career in computer animation within his grasp, and by 2005 he achieved such a degree with honors from the Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago. A few short months later, he launched his career creating computer animated assets for small, promotional PC games.

Since 2008, Jimmy has been a core part of the team of freelance and 3D artists at Calabash Animation. He has made major contributions to more than two dozen commercials, principally for the Lucky Charms and Trix Yogurt brands. In addition to his involvement in ads for Hamburger Helper and Green Giant, he played a key role in creating CG environments for the opening of the show Dora the Explorer in its seventh season. During his time with Calabash, his work has been commonly geared toward layout, environment production and visual effects. Between production times at Calabash, he is a jack-of-all-trades designer of websites and graphics. His 3D software of choice is Autodesk Maya, and he is fluent with most of the applications within Adobe Creative Suite.

Jimmy resides in Oak Park, IL and typically refrains from talking about himself in the third person, though he may occasionally make an exception.

* pronounced "WAY-sun"